Beneficiaries and Geographic Spread
At present My Angels Academy has about 300 beneficiaries and is working at 3 centers:
  • With slum children at Indira camp slums in Vikaspuri, New Delhi
  • With 18 years to 21 years inmates at Tihar Jail Number 5, New Delhi, and
  • With tribal children at Sambalpur Odisha.
The range of Activities at My Angels Academy
  • Coaching underprivileged youth in sports – especially in Football.
  • Tutoring and assisting in academics. English speaking.
  • Organizing training in activities including yoga, meditation, painting, dance, and theatre.
  • Keeping drug abuse, begging, violence, robbery, the risk of HIV/AIDS and other social vices in check at slums by imparting holistic education and moral values. Regular meditation is done by our students.
  • Uplifting children out of a vicious cycle of poverty by opening alternate avenues for a prosperous life.
Our Current Infrastructure
  • In Delhi we operate out of rented space in Vikaspuri area. Our football practice is done in Public Park. Hence “angels” get up at 3:30 AM to practice by 4:30 AM under the street light to avoid external disturbance.
  • In Orissa recently we managed to have a small centre to be used as academics and activity centre for tribal children. However football practice is still being done in public ground and open area.
  • Most of the volunteers in My Angels Academy are Senior Angels, as we train our students to "Pay it Forward Model".

awards and recognition

Our Team

We have two types of people in our society, the first one is good but not capable and the other one is capable but not good.
Only being capable is not good enough & only goodness is also not good enough.